Charitable Giving

We are guided by the belief, long held by Tiffany & Co., that a successful company has a responsibility to the greater community.

Tiffany & Co. has a longstanding history of civic engagement in the cities around the world where we operate. By supporting nonprofit organizations, we’re building strong relationships in our local communities. Our goal is to support organizations that work to make these communities better places to live. As we continue to expand globally, our investments in charitable organizations are expanding as well.
In addition, The Tiffany & Co. Foundation was established in 2000 to focus the Company’s philanthropic endeavors. The Foundation supports organizations dedicated to the stewardship of natural resources and awards grants to nonprofit organizations focused on responsible mining, coral conservation and urban parks. Specifically, the Foundation promotes responsible mining through remediation, land preservation, community development and standards-setting efforts; healthy marine ecosystems through key research and targeted educational outreach; and the enhancement of urban parks through beautification and infrastructure improvements.
We are proud of our legacy of providing support for nonprofit organizations and engaging with civic groups around the globe.

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