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Community Involvement

Tiffany & Co. is guided by the belief that a successful company has a responsibility to the greater community. By supporting nonprofit organizations, Tiffany & Co. seeks to build strong relationships in our local communities and to support organizations that work to make these communities better places to live.

Tiffany & Co. makes charitable contributions locally, throughout the world, based on the needs and priorities of the communities in which we operate. Through the donation of merchandise and monetary contributions, Tiffany & Co. invests in organizations working in a variety of fields: the arts, education, health and human services, the environment and other civic organizations. In 2012, Tiffany & Co. provided more than $5 million to nonprofit organizations through our global corporate giving program. This relative decline from $8 million in 2011 was due, in part, to a $1 million contribution in 2011 for Japan earthquake and tsunami relief efforts.

As Tiffany & Co. expands to new cities and countries, we believe that we must invest in these communities as they welcome us. We seek to build relationships with these communities and increase awareness about local organizations and their great work.

The Tiffany Employee Giving and Volunteer Matching Programs are designed to support our United States employees in their charitable interests, and provide a match as employees donate personal funds or their time to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Tiffany values our employees, the skills that they bring and their passions for the issues of importance to them.

Through the Employee Giving Program, Tiffany matches U.S. employee charitable donations at a ratio of 1:1. Under the Volunteer Matching Program, for every 10 hours volunteered by our employees, the nonprofit organization receives $100. The Employee Giving and Volunteer Matching Programs award up to $1,000 per employee for charitable purposes per year, whether the employee donates time or money.

In 2012, 8% of U.S. employees participated in the Employee Giving Program, with over $139,000 in monetary donations matched. The Company also awarded $19,000 in monetary donations through the Volunteer Matching Program. These figures decreased from 2011 when the Company offered an enhanced match opportunity, but remain consistent with prior years.