“Realizing the importance of corporate social responsibility to the sustainable growth of the business, employee engagement and customer satisfaction, the Board of Directors established the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee to ensure that we remain committed and focused on environmentally and socially
responsible practices.”

—Lawrence K. Fish,
Chairman – Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
Tiffany & Co. Board of Directors

Under the leadership of Tiffany’s CEO, Frédéric Cumenal, our senior management team has incorporated sustainability into company-wide business practices. And with the appointment of a Chief Sustainability Officer and the establishment of a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board, our leadership has sent a clear message about the importance of corporate responsibility to Tiffany & Co.
Tiffany has a long legacy of operating as a responsible corporate citizen and embedding sustainable practices within the culture of our organization. Our enhanced management structure and internal processes enable continued improvement and leadership on key social and environmental issues. Our Directors, officers and employees are committed to the ethical principles embodied within our Company practices and standards.

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