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Tiffany Watch Catalogue
Discover our watch collections, including Tiffany CT60™. Explore our watchmaking heritage and craftsmanship story, and learn how we invented the New York Minute.
This Is Tiffany Spring/Summer 2015
Our Spring/Summer 2015 book, “This Is Tiffany,” celebrates all things beautiful and bright. Discover rich stories from the world of Tiffany that take objects of exquisite beauty and present them from a fresh perspective.
The 2015 Blue Book Collection
Discover “The Art of the Sea” collection—the magnificent jewels of the 2015 Blue Book. These breathtaking creations capture water's energetic and fluid soul: shimmering and brilliant, moody and profound.
Jewelry Care
With proper care, your Tiffany jewelry will last for a lifetime and more. A valuable resource.
This Is a Tiffany Ring
Explore Tiffany diamond engagement rings, brilliant and lasting symbols of profound commitment. Discover Tiffany wedding bands, extraordinary rings for women and men, wedding and unions. Browse wedding day luxuries, from captivating statement necklaces to distinctive accents for him.