Elsa Peretti®
Bone Candlestick

A gift for entertaining. Candlestick in cobalt crystal. 9.5" high. Original designs copyrighted by Elsa Peretti.

The Story of This Collection / Additional Items

Elsa Peretti® Home

Like her jewelry, Elsa Peretti’s designs for the home
exude warmth and sensuality. They represent
gusto for life, a generosity of spirit and the notion
that beauty and utility should go hand in hand.


“A house should be comfortable. Like a good friend.”

—Elsa Peretti

Tiffany Crystal

Tiffany crystal is an elegant tradition at the
table. Over the years, this is the crystal that
celebrates every day and honors the most
special occasions. These heirlooms, with proper
care, can be handed down for generations.