In Perfect Harmony

Although Colt and Alexa were both born and raised in North Carolina, their paths didn’t cross until much later. After college, Alexa frequently visited friends in Washington, D.C. During these trips, one good-looking man always caught her eye: Colt. Yet for years, they exchanged nothing more than a friendly hello.

Then, Alexa left home to embark on a new adventure in Washington, D.C. At nearly the same time, Colt relocated from D.C. to his native North Carolina. It seemed the two would never have an opportunity to connect.

But at a mutual friend’s wedding, fate finally intervened. Colt spotted a familiar brunette and knew he had to talk to her. They struck up a conversation and immediately, sparks flew. Alexa, a talented vocalist, and Colt, a guitar player, lost track of time discussing their shared passion for music. As the two parted ways, there was no question: although the weekend was over, their relationship was just beginning.

Colt and Alexa spent the next few months discovering more about each other through endless phone conversations and much-anticipated visits. When Colt met Alexa’s family for the first time, he instantly charmed them with his easygoing nature and kind spirit.

From that moment forward, they knew it was true love. Just over a year later, Colt proposed to an ecstatic Alexa at sunset atop a picturesque mountain in their beloved North Carolina.