Love’s Luck

It was an amateur singer/songwriter night at one of New York’s trendiest cafés. Tracy, an alluring young woman, was excited to perform but knew she had four long hours to wait before her scheduled appearance. Then, for only a few seconds, she caught someone’s eye. His name was Matt and he caught her eye too. Matt had one of the first acts of the evening and was planning to leave as soon as he finished.

Tracy took a table near the stage. Suddenly there was Matt again, a handsome young man with a wonderful smile. “So you’ll sit right here,” Tracy blurted out with characteristic directness. They began to talk in the short breaks between acts—the silly small talk of two people intrigued but cautious. Matt was entranced by Tracy’s olive green eyes. Tracy was touched by Matt’s open honesty. Because it would be rude to talk during the acts Matt started passing notes to Tracy. Dozens of them. And she answered them all.

Well past midnight, the second Tracy finished her love song, Matt leapt to his feet. His applause echoed throughout the empty house. They stared at each other without speaking. When the lights finally came on they ambled into the night. They dropped in on a party where they only talked to each other. They sang a duet. At dawn, before they went their separate ways, they had their first kiss. Something had clicked. And they both knew it.

Every day Matt and Tracy talked on the phone almost hourly until they could meet each other after work. They were crazy, mad, head-over-heels in love. Matt married the woman who, by some stroke of amazing luck, he sat next to. Tracy married the stranger who waited four hours just to hear her sing.