Written in the Stars

Though their paths crossed myriad times, Lindsay and Eric were perfect strangers. Growing up in New Jersey, they attended the same birthday parties, graduations and neighborhood gatherings, but were completely unaware of each other’s existence.

However, fate stepped in at a mutual friend’s wedding. Eric introduced himself to Lindsay, the sole other single person at the reception. He couldn’t stop staring at her smile and was instantly smitten by her infectious laugh. Their conversation was effortless as they shared the same wicked sense of humor, but Eric couldn’t bring himself to ask her on a date at the end of the night.

A few weeks later at a basketball game, Eric spotted a familiar face on the sidelines. It was Lindsay. His heart began to pound. He asked her to dinner on the spot. She gladly accepted. That evening, they shared their first kiss.

From that moment, he vowed to never leave her side. On a ski trip, a shaking and nervous Eric presented her with a diamond ring. Lindsay’s response rang through the mountains. And in six months, Eric married the girl he felt had known for a lifetime, but had just truly met.