True Love Cannot Wait

Diana was living and working in Massachusetts. Drew was a sonar technician on a U.S. Navy submarine and stationed in Connecticut. When they first spied one another at a crowded summer barbecue everything changed. She was suddenly the only woman he could see. He was hypnotized by her blue eyes. They talked haltingly. He was shy, but she was charmed by his gentle humor.

They began to see one another whenever they could. But almost immediately Drew had to go to sea. Every day during his long deployment Drew and Diana emailed each other. These were long love notes exploring the intense feelings they shared. After a while he confessed his love to her. And she to him.

Finally back on land, they took turns commuting to see each other on weekends for two and a half years. On Wednesdays they would meet halfway in Rhode Island.

On the eve of another seven-month deployment at sea, Drew could wait no longer. On a pretext he guided her through Tiffany, hoping she might express a ring style preference. Later that afternoon he snuck away and bought the engagement ring he knew she would love. And did she ever! They were married exactly three days after he returned to port.