Fate’s Pull

Bridget was a stunning executive in her late twenties. Unfortunately, not one of the many men who pursued her ever touched her heart. And she secretly wondered why.

Just a stone’s throw away lived James, a handsome doctor in his early thirties. He too dated frequently but never, ever had serious feelings. And this bothered him.

But two crazy characters named Rosco and Priscilla had big plans for these guys. It was a lovely Tuesday afternoon in the dog park when these two bulldogs made a beeline for one another. At the other end of the leashes came James and Bridget, their owners. They were literally dragged together.

The conversation that started that afternoon, so tentative at first, never stopped. They became fast friends. Over the months that followed their easy laughter segued to notes of affection, flowers, a love song and a trip to San Francisco followed by a Tiffany trolley car charm to commemorate the experience.

It took a while, but there was no doubt. This was true love. And now, in just a few months, they will be married, with Rosco and Priscilla in formal attendance.