Pepper and Lime

Fernanda was 15 when she met Hilas, who lived in the same building as one of her friends in Brazil. Hilas was 17 and nicknamed “Lime” for his childhood love of the tart fruit. But Fernanda thought he was quite the opposite of sour.

After six years, Hilas moved to the U.S. Over the years, they grew up and lost touch. But fate stepped in. At a friend’s party, they met by chance. Hilas had returned to Brazil. Their hearts clicked and from that moment on, they were inseparable.

Each shared a passion for food and found new flavors to discover together. Among peppers, recipes and poems, their love grew stronger.

Soon Hilas knew that his love for this dark-haired beauty was true. On a boat ride in Rio de Janeiro, he presented Fernanda with a diamond ring. And shortly afterwards, with friends and family to share their joy, Fernanda married “Lime”—the boy she found so sweet.