Lessons from the Heart

Ricardo and Julia met in class. They had a lot in common. Both were outgoing and had a wicked sense of humor. In no time, they became close friends. At school, they shared everything from their secrets to their hopes to their dreams for the future.

A few years after they met, Julia studied abroad in Spain. They stayed in touch through letters and phone calls. When she returned home, the distance apart made her see Ricardo in a new light. He was passionate and sincere, and she couldn’t stop stealing looks at him. Ricardo was struck by the woman she had become, so different from the schoolgirl he had known. At a party, the sparks between them were undeniable and they had their first kiss.

From that moment on, they were inseparable just like in school. Ricardo realized that he had been madly in love with Julia for years, but didn’t know it until then. And Julia confessed that she felt the same way. For this young couple, true friendship was true love.