Love and Persistence

Fate has a way of circling back on a man and surprising him. Peter first saw Crystal at a friend’s place. But it was only a picture on a table. Nevertheless, in an instant, he was smitten.

Eight years later at a party, Peter saw a familiar face in the crowd. It was Crystal. Immediately they began to talk and discovered they had many things in common. Peter’s heart leapt and he told himself that he would do anything to be near her.

However, there was a problem. Inspired by a Hollywood film, a cautious Crystal asked that they date 50 times before getting serious.

Living in different cities made it difficult for them to see each other often. So Peter passed the time by planning a surprise for each date. For example, he gathered seashells from the beach and spent nights creating a one-of-a-kind sculpture to present to her.

As days became months, Peter’s sincerity and persistence captured Crystal’s heart. She gradually realized that he was the love of her life. Fifty dates gave way to true love and blissful marriage.