By Kismet

A few days before leaving for Europe, Paulo made a purchase. A true romantic, he bought a diamond pendant, hoping to give it to his true love. But—he had yet to meet the woman who would capture his heart.

In Prague, Paulo began chatting with Andréa, a fellow Brazilian. He found himself instantly charmed by her carefree spirit. They made plans to meet later in town.

They talked and laughed all through the night. Smitten, Paulo stole a kiss before they parted ways and left for different destinations.

Throughout the rest of his trip, he couldn’t stop thinking about her laugh. Her perfume. And her brown eyes. So when a nervous Andréa called to make plans on the very day he arrived home, he was over the moon. That evening marked the beginning of their whirlwind courtship.

Two years later, Paulo and Andréa took a trip to New York City. While taking a walk in Central Park, he suddenly dropped to one knee and presented a box. She opened it to reveal a sparkling pendant. She accepted it and vowed to be its owner for the rest of her life. Paulo had found his true love.