Love’s Grand Adventure

Weiwei lived in Shanghai. Matthew lived in Portland, Oregon. A three-month work exchange brought Weiwei to the advertising agency where Matthew was a copywriter. They met at an office field trip and instantly hit it off.

However, just as quickly as their love had started, their time together was coming to an end. Weiwei had to return to China. So they spent their last days together on a trip to San Francisco.

Back in the office, he was heartsick until a coworker mentioned that the company was looking for new creatives in Shanghai.

In a flash, Matthew decided to follow his heart. He dropped everything and packed his bags. He said goodbye to his friends and family. He left his band. When he arrived in Shanghai, Weiwei was waiting for him at the airport.

Two and a half years passed. Both from such different places, they decided to pick a city to call their own. They moved to New York. There, Weiwei married the man who journeyed across the world just to be by her side.