At First Sight

Daniel had a good reason to go to the office every morning: Claudia, a stunning blonde on the fourth floor. Even though they had never exchanged a single word, he made up any excuse just to be near her.

Little did he know that his presence had the same effect on Claudia. She felt a jolt of electricity each time their eyes met. This ritual lasted for a year without a single date. It seemed that their relationship would forever be limited to exchanging glances and secretly asking mutual friends about each other.

Then, one evening, Claudia went to a party. Daniel was there and they exchanged glances once again. But this time, fate gave them a little push. After literally bumping into one another, they awkwardly introduced themselves. Their conversation that night confirmed what their eyes had always said: this was true love.

From that moment forward, they never let go of each other. And now Daniel has another reason to wake up with a smile every day: he married the owner of the beautiful eyes on the fourth floor.