In the Air

After living in Canada for many years, Luna decided it was time to return to China. At a shop in the airport, a blaring voice startled her. It was a man named Li Ran. Perturbed, she hoped that this loud man was not on her plane. But Luna had quite the opposite effect on Li Ran. He was thunderstruck by her beauty.

As Luna boarded the jet, Cupid had a surprise waiting for her. Not only was Li Ran on her flight, he was seated next to her.

A long flight can make you think about a lot of things. As Li Ran introduced himself, she felt a magnetism between them. They began to talk and she discovered that they shared many things in common, from their dreams to the paths they walked in life. By the time they exited the plane, Luna was intrigued. Li Ran couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Their courtship was a true whirlwind. On New Year’s Eve—several months after they met—Li Ran blurted out how much he loved her and asked for her hand in marriage. Luna burst into tears, surprising herself. Destiny had arranged for them to cross paths, turning a perfect stranger into the love of her life.