A Halloween Love Story

This is a long-distance love story that takes us from Japan to Nevada to New York to Holland to Rome and back to Japan. Douglas was a 30-year-old American, living and working in Japan in 2006. On October 31, however, he stopped being a computer technician and for a few hours transformed himself into the genie from Aladdin. That very same Halloween evening in that very same bar, Sae, a beguiling Japanese woman in her mid-20s, had disguised herself as a very sexy kitty cat. Let’s just say there were sparks of mutual attraction but not a word was spoken. Douglas and Sae remained strangers. Months later they saw each other again, this time out of costume. Then things started to get serious. They began dating, traveling the world hand in hand, but having some difficulty communicating in either English or Japanese. While desperately working on their language skills, they actually made do with a language all their own. Then, Douglas’s work suddenly took him away from Sae. What was he to do but propose? On a trip to Holland together he planted a guidebook to Rome in Sae’s suitcase, knowing this was her dream city. A few days later there they were, in front of the Trevi Fountain. A nervous Douglas offered a rosebud to Sae. Perched on the top of the flower was a diamond engagement ring. Sae was speechless at first, then overcome by tears of joy. Soon thereafter, with both families gathered closely around them, they were married—on Halloween, of course. And on every Halloween since, Aladdin and the sexy kitty cat toast their eternal love on their special anniversary day.