This prodigious oval kunzite is framed by an intricate basket of platinum-set diamonds in a botanical motif. Carat weight: kunzite: 25.29. Carat total weight: round brilliant diamonds, .99; marquise diamonds, .44; pear-shaped diamonds, .32.
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The Legacy Gemstones of Tiffany

The Adventurous Mr. Kunz


In search of the exotic and new, Tiffany’s eminent gemologist Dr. George Frederick Kunz
climbed the Ural Mountains of Russia, crossed the deserts of Africa and roamed the
steppes of Siberia. For all his distant wanderings, he held in special esteem the bounty
of America, where in 1902 was discovered kunzite, the prized lilac-pink stone that was
named after him. It’s a fitting tribute to his passion for unearthing the world’s
most stunning gems.