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Frequently Asked Questions


Is engraving available on Tiffany.com?

Tiffany is pleased to offer monogramming, engraving and hand engraving. You may select your preferred engraving method; however, for certain items, our engraving experts have determined in advance the most appropriate technique.

Pricing is as follows:

Monogramming: A monogram is a traditional design that personalizes an item with the owner’s initials. Tiffany monograms are hand engraved for a one-of-a-kind, heirloom effect. Three letters, $60 per-item monogramming charge ($120 per pair of cuff links).

Hand Engraving: Hand engraving is the art of removing metal to create lettering through the use of manual tools. Each piece is unique, allowing for the different character of each engraver. Three letters, $45 per-item engraving charge ($90 per pair of cuff links).

Standard Engraving: This method uses technology to create lettering, consistently replicating our most popular styles. Three letters, $25 per-item engraving charge ($50 per pair of cuff links).

Engraving Styles:
Items ordered on Tiffany.com may be engraved with up to three initials in one of our most popular styles: Block, Roman, Script, French Script and Italic Roman. Engraving is done in uppercase letters. Unfortunately, we cannot engrave numbers or punctuation on items ordered from our website. For additional options or information and assistance with custom engraving, please visit your nearest Tiffany & Co. store, or call 800 843 3269.

Engraving will be in uppercase letters only. Please note that engraved items may not be returned or exchanged. Please allow an additional 1-2 days for delivery of standard engraved items and an additional 3-4 days for delivery of hand engraved items.