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Under the
leadership of
our Chairman
and CEO,
is embedded in
our promise to
our customers,
employees and

Tiffany & Co.
Corporate Responsibility

Our Sustainability Commitment

For over 175 years, Tiffany & Co. has looked to the beauty of the natural world for design inspiration. We also look to the bounty of that world for the precious materials that give form and life to our designs.

We believe we have a moral imperative to help sustain the natural beauty that inspires our designers, customers and employees.

Corporate responsibility is fully integrated into every aspect of Tiffany & Co. While we are proud of the results we have achieved, we recognize that there is much more to be done. We want to share our accomplishments, challenges and agenda for change, and we look forward to continuously reporting on our efforts and progress.

Responsible Sourcing

Tiffany & Co. aspires to have traceability of all materials used in our products to ensure they meet our environmental and social standards.

Industry Leadership

Tiffany & Co. is proud to work collaboratively within the jewelry industry and with civil society to address key sustainability issues.

Charitable Giving

Tiffany & Co. supports the communities in which we operate, through our local corporate giving programs and through The Tiffany & Co. Foundation’s global philanthropic activities.


Tiffany & Co. understands the importance of being a responsible corporate citizen.

World of Tiffany

Tiffany cultivates a positive workplace for our employees and strives to protect and sustain the global communities in which we operate. We also implement programs to reduce our Company’s environmental footprint.