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Couples’ Rings

Celebrate your significant other and the connections that mean the most with our striking couples’ rings. Since 1837, we have inspired others to express and celebrate the many facets of love with our extraordinary designs. Featuring the House’s signature motifs, these designs are meaningful symbols that reflect your unique love story. Our classic commitment rings include polished or satin-finished metal band rings and milgrain band rings in wide and narrow styles. Make a striking statement with couples’ rings with diamond accents or all-pavé diamond rings, whether worn on their own, in a sleek ring stack or with a Tiffany engagement ring. Choose matching couples’ rings for a streamlined look. Or choose different yet complementary designs for a coordinated look that expresses your individual styes. Add an engraving, such as a special date, initials or a shared motto, for a set of personalized couples rings that capture your love. Each ring is thoughtfully crafted by Tiffany artisans in our renowned workshops.