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Tiffany Flower

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The Story of This Design

Tiffany Flower

Flowers have long been a traditional gift of love and romance. For Tiffany Flower, each round brilliant diamond is carefully set to evoke the unfurled petals of a single blossom. This enchanting presentation, meticulously crafted by hand, exudes an effortless charm and grace.

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Tiffany Engagement Rings

Tiffany creates the most beautiful rings on earth. Tiffany diamonds are cut to maximize brilliance. Tiffany uses stricter standards beyond the 4Cs. A Tiffany Diamond Certificate is backed by our Full Lifetime Warranty.

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The 4Cs


Cut—the precise shape and positioning of a diamond’s facets—is the most important factor in determining the stone’s beauty. Many diamond cutters choose to place the size of the diamond above its potential beauty, sacrificing the ideal balance of brilliance, dispersion and scintillation. Tiffany diamond cutters refuse to make this compromise; when the choice is size or beauty, we always choose beauty.

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