Elsa Peretti®
Round Drop Earrings

Sculpted to a sensual perfection, this seminal form retains its mysterious allure for all time. Round drop earrings in 18k gold, for pierced ears. Original designs copyrighted by Elsa Peretti

The Story of This Collection / Additional Items

Elsa Peretti® Round

The designer’s signature use of organic shapes is perfectly
expressed in the Elsa Peretti® Round collection. Inspired by a
centuries-old African design, the elemental shape on which
the collection is based remains eternally appealing.


“Style is to be simple. I like to push myself to achieve a certain quality and eliminate the
excess detail.”

—Elsa Peretti

Tiffany Gold

Tiffany gold is 18k gold of uncompromised purity.
It comes from a single American mine, which
meets the jewelry industry’s highest standards
for environmental and social responsibility.