Bow Earrings

Earrings in platinum with round brilliant diamonds, for pierced ears. Carat total weight .25.

The Story of This Collection / Additional Items

Tiffany Bows


The new Tiffany Bow is evocative of the slender
thread one might tie around one’s finger to
remember something—or someone. These
delicate, graceful designs epitomize the bonds
that connect friends, lovers and families.

Tiffany Bow
designs are
knotted off-
center, a small but significant
detail that
exudes natural
grace and

Tiffany Diamonds

Tiffany’s reputation for finding the world’s most
spectacular diamonds dates back to 1848. That year,
founder Charles Lewis Tiffany acquired a
large cache of important jewels, earning him the moniker
“The King of Diamonds.”

A Legend Is Born

In 1837, Charles Lewis Tiffany arrived in New York City and
established Tiffany & Co., redefining glamour, elegance
and legendary style worldwide.

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