Ziegfeld Collection
Pearl Necklace

Opera-length necklace of freshwater cultured pearls in pink and purple hues. 80" long. Pearls, 7-8 mm.

The Story of This Collection / Additional Items


Inspired by Tiffany’s archival pieces from the 1920s, these designs offer
a modern tribute to the cool elegance of the Jazz Age.
The collection—in sterling silver, black onyx and freshwater
pearls—is named for the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City, an Art Deco
landmark whose bold geometry and lavish ornamentation
is echoed in these designs.


Colored Pearls

The pearl is a naturally perfect gem that requires no
cutting to enhance its lustrous beauty. For Tiffany
designs, our jewelers rely on exacting standards of color
and quality in the careful selection of these
treasures of the ocean.

The Tiffany Blue Box is a promise of wonderful things to come.

A Legend Is Born

In 1837, Charles Lewis Tiffany arrived in New York City and
established Tiffany & Co., redefining glamour, elegance
and legendary style worldwide.

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