Elsa Peretti®
Mesh Scarf Necklace

The form is malleable and ergonomic in the way it drapes over the body's contours. Scarf necklace in 18k gold. 38" long. Original designs copyrighted by Elsa Peretti.

The Story of This Collection / Additional Items

Elsa Peretti® Mesh

The misty afternoon light of Jaipur, India inspired
Elsa Peretti’s Mesh collection. Delicate 18k gold
or sterling silver is intricately woven to flow like water
and drape around the body’s contours.


This unique material is crafted with an exclusive technique created specially for Tiffany.

Tiffany Gold

Tiffany gold is 18k gold of uncompromised purity.
It comes from a single American mine, which
meets the jewelry industry’s highest standards
for environmental and social responsibility.