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Responsible Mining

Tiffany & Co. strives to source diamonds, gemstones and precious metals from mines that conform to high standards of social and environmental responsibility. We source metals and diamonds used in Tiffany & Co. owned and operated manufacturing facilities directly from known mines when possible.

Vertical integration helps us ensure quality and chain-of-custody for our products. Tiffany & Co. collaborates with other forward-looking leaders in the jewelry industry and with nongovernmental organizations in order to maximize our influence throughout the supply chain.

We are most concerned about the impact of large, industrial-scale mining activities. Tiffany & Co. firmly believes in the following core principles for the responsible development and operation of large-scale mines:

  • New mine development or expansion of existing mines should never occur in areas of high ecological or cultural value. Specifically, mines should never be developed in World Heritage Sites, protected areas categorized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as I-IV, Alliance for Zero Extinction Sites or Key Biodiversity Areas.
  • Air, water and soil contamination should be prevented.
  • The principle of informed community participation in mine development and expansion should be embraced.
  • Workers’ rights, labor standards and human rights should be respected by all parties.
  • Mine operators should provide for appropriate and fiscally sound guarantees to cover the costs of mine closure, cleanup and restoration.
  • Mine wastes (tailings) should not be placed in rivers, streams, lakes or ocean waters and should be disposed of responsibly.

We believe that the most important contribution we can make to advance a responsible sourcing agenda is to use the Tiffany brand to encourage jewelry consumers to demand responsibly sourced materials.

In order to further an industry-wide movement towards responsible sourcing, Tiffany & Co.:

  • Works with fellow jewelry retailers, the jewelry supply chain, mining companies and civil society to heighten public awareness of responsible mining issues and support the development of broadly acceptable standards for responsible metal and gemstone mining.
  • Raises our voice to publicly oppose new mine developments that threaten places of high environmental and cultural value.
  • Participates in public policy debates as advocates for enhanced regulatory oversight of the mining industry, where we believe additional oversight is in the public interest.
  • Continually refines our long-term sourcing strategy so that Tiffany & Co. may serve as a model for the responsible sourcing of diamonds, gemstones and precious metals.

For further information on how we procure our mineral resources, please see: