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Tiffany Embrace™

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The Story of This Design

Tiffany Embrace™

A sparkling symbol of passion and true love, Tiffany Embrace™ takes its name from the bezel of diamonds that holds a single stone of spectacular brilliance. Glamour radiates from every facet of this ring. Flawless craftsmanship serves to highlight timeless beauty.

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Tiffany Engagement Rings

Tiffany creates the most beautiful rings on earth. Tiffany diamonds are cut to maximize brilliance. Tiffany uses stricter standards beyond the 4Cs. A Tiffany Diamond Certificate is backed by our Full Lifetime Warranty.

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The 4Cs


Tiffany & Co. has additional diamond quality standards, collectively called “presence,” that go beyond the 4Cs. In Tiffany’s relentless pursuit of diamond beauty, we insist upon superior polish, symmetry and precision of cut.

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