Tiffany True® Engagement Ring with a Cushion-cut Yellow Diamond in 18k Yellow Gold

Style # 38746
1.26 Carat

Graphic and geometric with a T-shaped detail in the setting, the Tiffany True® engagement ring is a new icon of modern love. With a refined 18k yellow gold band and a rare fancy yellow cushion modified brilliant diamond, the Tiffany True® engagement ring features clean lines and striking details.

At Tiffany, we ethically source our diamonds. Integrity and social responsibility are at the core of our sourcing practices.

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The Tiffany Experience

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Tiffany True®

The Tiffany True® ring is crafted with a discreet T hallmark in the setting, a symbol of the House of Tiffany. This modern engagement ring features a Tiffany True® round brilliant white diamond with a triple excellent cut—the highest grade in the industry. Tiffany True® square modified white diamond rings and cushion modified fancy yellow diamond rings complete this collection.