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After winning a Finnish modeling competition, Suvi met fellow model Tyler at a runway show in Milan. It was the beginning of their connection, but it took years and several more chance encounters before they finally went on their first date in New York City. They’ve been together since that night, when they shared a kiss at a Manhattan bar and took in the view from the top of the Empire State Building.


Aimee and Jacopo met at a music festival in Morocco two years ago, and have been dating ever since. Though they have a long-distance relationship—Aimee is based in Los Angeles and Jacopo in New York—they prove that opposites attract.

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Kadeem and Anastasia both spent years traveling the world for their modeling careers, but it was in New York City that they found their true passions, successes—and each other. A mutual friend, insisting they would be perfect together, introduced them and it was love at first sight.


This pair first met when Max was in New York for his first feature film. Andres, who is in the military, decided to come out after the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy and did so on Max’s YouTube channel during Pride Month. Now together for three years, the pair is planning to move to California.

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Friends introduced Julia and Jarrod in a downtown park in New York City. After their first encounter, the pair spent the summer falling in love. They got married six years later and continue to build their love story with laughter, travel and friendship.


After meeting while attending Parsons School of Design in New York, Laura and Kris quickly discovered they were a perfect team and together created their own fashion label. The duo held a surprise wedding at Laura’s parents’ home in 2014 before welcoming their first son, Charlie, at the end of that same year.

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After meeting through a mutual friend eight years ago, Sara and Jeremy fell in love. After he proposed in Paris at the park where they first said “I love you,” the couple got married in upstate New York three years ago. They recently welcomed their first son and live happily in New York City.