Diamond Clarity

Diamond Clarity Chart

Diamond inclusions are internal flaws. Tiffany rejects any diamond with noticeable imperfections to the unaided eye.



FL diamonds are Flawless



IF diamonds are Internally Flawless



VVS diamonds (1 and 2) are Very, Very Slightly Included



VS diamonds (1 and 2) are Very Slightly Included



SI diamonds (1 and 2) are Slightly Included


I1 I2 I3

I diamonds (1, 2 and 3) are Imperfect

The gemological standards in this section refer only to individually registered engagement diamonds set in certain ring styles.


Tiffany & Co. Diamond Clarity Chart

Tiffany Standard of Clarity  

Tiffany’s strict diamond grading standards are executed with expertise, integrity and accuracy. When Tiffany believes that a diamond’s clarity is on the borderline between two grades, Tiffany will always assign the stone a lower grade—never falsely inflating a diamond clarity grade.

Tiffany & Co. Standard of Clarity
Does Diamond Clarity Matter

Does Diamond Clarity Really Matter? 

A diamond with a poor clarity grade has multiple inclusions, which directly affects sparkle. Because inclusions hinder the refraction and return of light, the lower the clarity grade, the cloudier the diamond will appear.


“If anything takes away from the beauty of the stone, we won’t accept it.”


—Hannah Jee, diamond grader