Tiffany & Co. Blue Book 2018 Spring

A graphic contrast between rigid geometry and nature’s ephemeral beauty. Ombré pavé flowers blossom from platinum and diamond stems. A vivid display of three-dimensionality, blooms of nontraditional silhouettes grow and twist around the body. 

Tiffany & Co. Blue Book 2018 Autumn

Platinum chains washed in round brilliant and emerald-cut diamonds create organic cradles for sumptuous stones. Free-flowing vines wave over and under one another.

Tiffany & Co. Blue Book 2018 Winter

A study in tension and a celebration of our relationship with nature. Geometric settings collage the visual codes of American Art Deco. Linear platinum fragments mirror the graphic patterns of water as it freezes. Diamonds are cut into jagged, unique shapes–an iceberg landscape on a sea of platinum.