Porcelain Bowls

Curate every inch of your space with our bowls of every size for all occasions. Our collection of bowls is designed to be both functional and beautiful. Find your new everyday bowl with a variety of shapes and textures to choose from.

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Mouth-blown and handmade, the Elsa Peretti® Thumbprint glass bowl is a delightful addition to any home or space. For a more personalized approach, consider the Elsa Peretti® Thumbprint bowl in sterling silver, which can be engraved. Our bone china bowls are excellent for hosting and serving during the day; and our porcelain bowls, like our Tiffany T True bowl, are ideal for intimate dinner gatherings at night. If you’re looking for something special for your precious pets, we have bone china cat bowls and dog bowls in our iconic Tiffany Blue®. Add Tiffany bowls to your forever collection for a stylish dining experience.