On her favorite jewelry:

“I never take this necklace off, ever,” says Cleo of her Paloma’s Graffiti love pendant, which she also gifted to her mom, Lori. Another meaningful design is the Tiffany engagement ring from her partner, Simon. “It was really important to me when I was getting my engagement ring that the diamond was traceable and that they were non-conflict diamonds,” she says.


On how she’s feeling during quarantine:

For Cleo, who has a newborn baby named Memphis, quarantine has been a unique experience. “Nothing really makes you live more in the present than a really small baby,” she says. “I’m not sure how I feel yet, to be honest. Once we move further away from this, I think we’ll start to really understand what we were feeling.”

On where she finds inspiration:

“I’m mostly inspired by the human experience because I think that we all go through such similar things,” shares Cleo. “The more we watch, observe and see each other, the more we can connect through those experiences and see just how similar we are and how deserving we are of all the good and the right things in this world.”

On getting dressed in the age of Zoom meetings:

For Karla, virtual meetings are an opportunity to experiment with personal style. “If you’re on a Zoom call every day with the same people over and over again, surprise them!” she suggests. “Give people something to look at because those Zoom calls can be so boring. Put on a piece of jewelry! Let’s see what you’ve got.”

On wearing jewelry:

“Jewelry is an investment,” says Karla, who is drawn to designs that feel personal to her, like the bold new Tiffany T1 collection. “These feel very classic, but I love that Tiffany did them in rose gold…it’s one of my favorite metals," she says. Her biggest piece of advice is to regularly wear your most treasured pieces instead of leaving them in a jewelry box. “Sometimes people want to keep special pieces for special occasions,” she says. “Every day is a special occasion.”  

On the future of the fashion industry:

“One thing we should do is slow down,” says Karla, who has experienced the frenetic fashion cycle throughout her career. “There’s such a rapid pace of production and I don’t think that’s ever been sustainable. That’s actually one thing I love about working with Tiffany & Co.! They’re a sustainable company and they have sustainable values.”

Carolyn on parenting:

As a new mom, Ashley sought out parenting advice from Carolyn, who has a 19-year-old daughter, Dylan. “I’m going to keep it really simple: cherish every single moment,” says Carolyn. Her second tip? “Don’t judge or criticize, don’t compare. With motherhood and parenting, it’s so different for everybody,” she shares. “Just keep doing your own thing.”

Ashley on that famous Blue Box:

“When you receive a little Blue Box, it’s like your heart starts to pound,” says Ashley of receiving a gift from Tiffany. “When you open it and you want to save everything, you want to save the little bag, you want to save the box…it’s a really special feeling.” Carolyn remembers the joy of receiving an Elsa Peretti® Diamonds by the Yard® necklace from Tiffany for her 35th birthday. “I was so happy and so excited!" she says.


Carolyn on sustainability:

Carolyn traces her interest in sustainability to her childhood. “I was raised with a mother who was super conscious, I come from a farming family,” she says. The model and advocate believes that sustainability doesn’t have to be intimidating. “It’s about reducing your consumption and honoring local farmers, planting a garden, using mason jars. There’s so many things that you can do and it actually becomes fun and exciting.”

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