Tiffany T in Mother-of-pearl


A natural, iridescent material found in oyster shells, mother-of-pearl lends these jewelry designs high shine and elegant luster.


Nothing says Tiffany like the color blue. A favorite stone of Tiffany designers for over a century, turquoise is defined by its vibrant tones.

Tiffany T in turquoise
Tiffany T in black onyx

Black Onyx

Used in design since ancient Roman times, black onyx—a variety of quartz—is prized for its fine texture, high polish and dramatic color. 

Crafted with Precision

Tiffany’s artisans use time-honored techniques to precisely cut and hand set the stones and mother-of-pearl in each necklace, bracelet and ring. Meticulous craftsmanship ensures the stones and mother-of-pearl sit perfectly flush with the precious metals in each design to create clean, sleek lines. 

Tiffany T in new colors
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Tiger’s Eye

Known for its golden-brown hue, tiger’s eye is coveted for its luminescent finish and rich variation in tone.

The Sautoir Story

A long, embellished chain, the sautoir necklace gained popularity in the 1920s and ’30s thanks to its elegant lines and rule-breaking informality. This Tiffany T sautoir features an alternating “T” motif with statement-making colored stones and mother-of-pearl.

Tiffany T Sautoir necklaces
Tiffany T stackable bracelets

Made for Stacking

Designed in 18k yellow, white and rose gold, these colorful Tiffany T designs steal the show when stacked together.

Pink Opal

Glossy and sleek in appearance, the delicate, subtle hue of pink opal is the perfect complement to 18k yellow and rose gold designs. 

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