Helping Women Shine

In celebration of Women's History Month, in partnership with CARE— an international humanitarian organization fighting global poverty and world hunger—Tiffany & Co.’s Women Shine program remains committed to improving the lives of 5,000 women and their families in diamond-producing regions in Botswana, Lesotho, South Africa, Sierra Leone and Tanzania. The two-year program—tailored specifically, by country, to their needs—aims to help women improve their financial literacy, providing unique opportunities for increased skill development, access to markets, leadership training and economic mobility.


Partnering in 2020, Tiffany & Co. pledged 100% of our profits from the Infinite Strength collection to CARE to address financial resilience for vulnerable communities affected by COVID-19, particularly women and people of color. Through this Infinite Strength campaign, Tiffany & Co. donated USD $3.8 million, nearly doubling our commitment of USD $2 million, and positively impacting more than 30,000 people.