A Legacy of Craftsmanship

At Tiffany, we believe that fine craftsmanship means embedding social and environmental integrity at every step—from sourcing to processing to crafting our jewelry.

“We aim to achieve 100% traceability of individually registered diamonds to mine of origin, or suppliers’ approved mines, by 2025.”

Our Social and Environmental Accountability Program

Through our Social and Environmental Accountability Program (SEA Program), we work with approximately 400 suppliers to review and help them improve their human rights practices, fair and safe labor practices, and environmental performance. These suppliers provide us with our finished goods, components, leather goods, polished diamonds, colored gemstones and packaging materials, and repair and perform new sale alterations on Tiffany & Co. merchandise. Suppliers in the SEA Program are located in 36 countries—approximately one third of which are in the U.S., followed by Switzerland, Italy, China and India, amongst others.

Before these suppliers are accepted into the Tiffany & Co. supply chain, they are expected to complete a self-assessment questionnaire and undergo a pre-sourcing audit as one of the many steps in our due diligence process. Suppliers are required to address any corrective actions and, if needed, undergo another audit before they are approved.

Through the SEA Program’s regular risk assessment cycle, each supplier completes a self-assessment questionnaire that is aligned to our Supplier Code of Conduct. Each supplier is evaluated using a third-party risk calculator to establish the supplier’s risk rating based on a variety of factors: external indices of political, material and country-specific risk factors, and an evaluation of supplier-specific factors such as prior audit scores and participation in capability-building activities. We use these risk ratings to determine how often we audit suppliers. We also audit all of our Tiffany jewelry manufacturing and diamond polishing facilities to ensure they are meeting the same rigorous standards that we are asking of external suppliers.

“Our Jewelry Design and Innovation Workshop provides nearly 17,000 square feet of open space and state-of-the-art technology for our expert designers, jewelers and engineers to collaborate.”