As the pioneer of the bold, colorful gemstone trend of the 1980s, many of the stones Paloma first used were previously completely ignored by the industry. She recounts walking into a meeting at Tiffany where the company’s entire gemstone inventory was laid out on a table for her choosing. “I was absolutely fascinated. I didn’t know that we could have such extraordinary, vibrant colors. I had a ball playing with all these stones and discovering there was no end to what nature actually provides.” Her love of gemstones can be seen in collections such as Olive Leaf, Paloma’s Sugar Stacks and, most recently, her Paloma’s Studio collection. Along with her use of color, Paloma is also revered for the meanings she imbues in her designs. Many of her pieces take on an almost talisman-like effect. This was especially evident in her groundbreaking men’s collection—one of the first of its kind.