About Tiffany Engagement Rings

The Tiffany Difference
Tiffany Engagement Rings

Tiffany Creates the Most Beautiful Rings On Earth

Tiffany diamonds are cut to maximize brilliance.
Others are cut to maximize carat weight.
This difference is legendary.

Tiffany uses stricter diamond standards beyond the oversimplified 4Cs.

Gifted Tiffany designers draw on over 175 years of a rich design
heritage and creativity to inspire today’s masterpieces—
engagement ring designs that are utterly captivating.

Master Tiffany craftsmen bring their passion for perfection to each detail,
ensuring the inside of your ring is as beautiful as the outside.

Tiffany Honors Promises

It was Charles Lewis Tiffany who introduced the engagement ring
as it is known today. Every Tiffany ring must meet our
founder’s promise: to create a timeless symbol that is worthy of true love.

Tiffany is committed to obtaining gemstones and precious metals
in ways that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Tiffany Will Always Be Here For You

Tiffany offers a unique protection:
a Tiffany Diamond Certificate that is backed by our Full Lifetime Warranty.

Tiffany stands behind your ring with the exceptional customer service
that it has offered since 1837.

Tiffany gemological standards refer only to round brilliant diamonds from .18 to 2.99 carats set in certain ring styles. Round brilliant diamonds smaller or larger, fancy shape diamonds and fancy color diamonds each have their own specially tailored standards of evaluation. Consult your Tiffany Sales Professional for details.