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Tiffany Canary Diamond

Tiffany Yellow Diamonds

Sought after by jewelry connoisseurs, Tiffany yellow diamonds emit a scintillating, pure yellow light like that of the morning sun. Fashioned in unique shapes, sizes and settings, they make a glamorous statement for day or night.

Tiffany Canary Diamond Jewelry

Rare and Radiant

Tiffany’s expertise in exceptional yellow diamonds dates back to 1878 when Charles Lewis Tiffany purchased the 287.42-carat Tiffany Diamond. Cut into a cushion-shape brilliant weighing 128.54 carats, this priceless stone is one of the most important yellow diamonds in the world, drawing thousands of visitors to the New York flagship each year.

A breathtaking symbol of Tiffany’s exquisite diamond heritage and brilliant craftsmanship, the Tiffany Diamond inspired Tiffany’s magnificent yellow diamond designs.

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A Brilliant New Era

The Tiffany Diamond is presented in a phenomenal new setting specially created in honor of Tiffany’s 175th anniversary. For over a year, Tiffany designers and jewelers obsessed over every detail of this extraordinary necklace—each facet meticulously measured, each mounting handcrafted in pursuit of absolute perfection.