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Tiffany’s extraordinary collection of brooches is a rich part of the House’s heritage of unparalleled craftsmanship and design. Our brooches, clips and jewelry pins reflect the diverse beauty of the natural world that has inspired Tiffany’s artisans and legendary designers, starting with Jean Schlumberger’s iconic brooch design featuring a bird on a rock. Discover Elsa Peretti’s sculptural forms, such as her striking open heart motif and flower brooch. In the hands of our talented artisans, each brooch is a feat of craftsmanship that transcends the imagination, often featuring the world’s most beautiful diamonds or colored gemstones. Add a brooch to a blazer or jacket for a classic look or try wearing multiple brooches together for an unforgettable maximalist look. For a modern take on this classically favored design, try wearing a brooch on a hat, the lapel of a coat, a tie or a handbag. Wherever you choose to place your Tiffany brooch, it is guaranteed to turn heads.