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Stacking Bracelets

With our extraordinary stacking bracelets, create a look that’s as meaningful as it is stylish. Opt for layered bracelets from a single collection to deliver a bold and cohesive look, such as our iconic T-inspired designs, signature gauge link bracelets or multiple padlock-inspired bangles. Or express your personal style by mixing and matching metals, motifs and styles for an unforgettable look. Try coupling a diamond tennis bracelet, chain link bracelet and a sleek cuff for a striking and timeless arrangement. For a colorful statement, bring together 18k yellow, rose and white gold. Achieve a streamlined look with silhouettes of the same width or metal, such as a stack of 18k rose gold bracelets or a combination of narrow bangles and delicate chain bracelets featuring colored gemstones or diamonds. An I.D. bracelet engraved with initials, a special date or symbol makes the perfect centerpiece for other bracelets to revolve around.