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Stacking Rings

Explore our extraordinary collection of stacking rings to create an unforgettable look that expresses your personal style. Each ring is crafted using time-honored techniques and embodies the House’s inventive artistry. For a streamlined look, combine rings from the same collection, such as our iconic T-shaped rings, or in the same metal, such as a trio of 18k yellow or rose gold designs. For an unforgettable look, build your stack around a bold design. Choose one of our legendary diamond rings as a centerpiece for your stack, from a band ring with diamond accents to our floral-inspired diamond rings to an eternity band with a full circle of diamonds or colored gemstones. Then, add delicate band rings, a meaningful signet ring or a wide statement ring for interest. A stack of narrow layered rings is a timeless combination, whether you mix metals for a colorful combination or opt for a single color palette.