Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tiffany offer free jewelry cleaning services?

Tiffany offer’s complimentary on-site cleanings for any Tiffany & Co. products by appointment. Appointments can be booked online and up to five items can be submitted per appointment. During your cleanings, Tiffany associates will clean the item, check for worn-down metal, review the security of gemstones and ensure prongs have not been compromised from normal wear and tear. 


Tiffany also provides silver polishing services to customers for a fee. However, we recommend limiting the number of times you polish silver, as it wears away at the metal every time polishing is done. Pricing varies based on the size of the piece.


We recommend cleaning and checking all Tiffany pieces (especially engagement rings and jewelry items worn often) every few months because of wear and usage, tarnished metal and loose prongs or stones.


Visit Tiffany’s Care & Repair Guides for more information on sterling silver care, gold and platinum jewelry cleaning and diamond care.


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